It always confuses people what exactly the differentiates between SEO & SEM, both of these can help a brand or business show up in search engine results according to the users search terms. SEO is organic search but sem is paid search, At its fact SEO is the practice of making your website with good content strategy, great user experience, good web performance, lead generation & etc. Please refer to the following comparison chart for your reference.

Usually the experienced SEO company Malaysia will be providing suitable digital marketing method according to customer marketing goal.

Promote Website URLYesNo
Targeted keywordsUnlimited keywords phrases
Improve Website rankingYesNo
Domain name valueYesNo
Long-term marketing valueYesNo
On page & off page SEOYesNo
VisibilityShown to everyoneShown to the target audience
Result-driven timeline3-4 months5 days
Traffic CostNoYes, bid price
Click-through rateHighLow
Good for testingNoYes
Expenses (cost)Web SEOSEM + Ads Fee (2 costs)